Thursday, October 28, 2010

2nd meeting during CG lecture class.

Through some brainstorming, we have 2 options for our theme for the calendar.
The 1st one is the theme of 2012 which the whole calendar we will go around the topic of what human on the Earth will go through throughout the year 2012 which is so called, the year when the world meets the end.
Example, in January we will talk about whether the human will believe the rumor of the coming of the end of the world.  The following months we will highlight the many symptoms of the Earth dying, such as earthquakes, tsunami etc. For some interesting festivals within the calendar, perhaps we will include some little details like maybe many couples would treasure their moment for their last valentines during Valentine day.
However, it is considered troublesome for us as we could not think of any other way to get nice pictures other from google image=) (this may causes low resolution photos and limited presentation) As an addition, Photoshop is seen to be not too useful for this theme. 

Hence, we proceed to the next plan which we will relate the theme of desserts. We chose this theme because it is lovable by people and we could also take the chance through the calendar to recommend desserts from some nice restaurants. Each of us will choose 2 desserts (each for each month) we like and we will edit our position( such as sitting, standing, squating) onto the dessert which will create some kind like a elf world (small human all over the dessert).

For now, every member is assigned to look for their favourite dessert (2 types) and do the selection of photos. Good luck!

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