Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let's rock our calendar design!

Welcome here mates-Jan, Jezsyca, Xian, Kayli and Abunai=)
This blog is the place for us to record things we discussed about our calendar project, share our opinions and ideas etc.
So, feel free to post anything here (but not spamming please).

So now what we can start with is looking for some inspiration. If anyone of us saw some perfect examples, do post the pictures or links to our blog and share it. Thanks=)

God bless us.


  1. Oww, someone just asked why our blog/group name was set as 'Mistique Candy' but not 'Mystique Candy'?!
    Well, it started off as a typo mistake by me (oops sry), but I guess it is a perfect mistake cause 'mis-' stands for us, members that are ALL girls. So 'Mistique Candy' not bad huh?

  2. Hello~ mates where are you guyz? hello~ am I talking alone here-.-